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Vocabulary Journals

To my pre-intermediate (A2) students: A vocabulary journal is important. You can write new vocabulary you don’t know in a notebook. You write new words you hear and read. Where do you find the definitions? Not google translate. Not Turing. Don’t look for Turkish translation. Use a learner’s dictionary Is… Read More »Vocabulary Journals

The Future

Future-related grammar structures are useful because we can talk about plans, predictions, make promises, and extend offers. With the first conditional, we can also make threats. Initially, talking about the future can seem daunting to the beginner, because there are multiple ways of doing so, and while each way may… Read More »The Future

Modals of Obligation

Obligation modals, while simple to use, can be tricky for A2 level students. For example, have to and don’t have to while on the surface seem like opposites, they mean entirely different things, unlike must and mustn’t. There is also the concept of internal vs external obligation, yet must and… Read More »Modals of Obligation

Present Perfect

We all know that Turkish learners struggle with the present perfect tense. The key to success in teaching this tense from my experience is to emphasize that this tense deals with the RELATIONSHIP between the past and the present moment. For example, if I cut my hand (past tense), it’s… Read More »Present Perfect